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I am an aspiring writer and cook. I like to attempt to draw out my characters and worlds. I am currently writing a novel series which you can find out about in the tab. I love animals, video games, writing and books.


you’re hired


A friend didn’t want to lose Franklin as he walked around the house


things i have learned about how to write


  • coffee in the morning. tea in the afternoon. this is the natural order of things.
  • don’t despair if you get so immersed in writing that you forget to drink aforementioned tea or coffee. it tastes good cold, too.
  • you need time to cogitate. you need time to think and absorb. don’t feel compelled to cram work into every minute of the day. rest and relaxation is just as important.
  • don’t waste time giving a single crap about what anybody else thinks.
  • don’t waste time freaking about about what kind of decision to make. you worry too much about what is going to yield the best outcome. you know what? just pick something and stick to it. it’ll turn out okay, either way.
  • stop worrying, period. if stormy days are coming, do you really want to ruin the pleasure and enjoyment of the present moment?  no, hold onto that joy with everything you’ve got, ESPECIALLY if it won’t last forever. stop being anxious about the future — you can deal with it when and if it happens.
  • read. every day. this, more than anything, spurs you to new heights.
  • on some days, give yourself a strict schedule. on some days, sit down and start with whatever you feel like. one productive activity often leads to another, and you have better flow when given the freedom to choose what to pursue.
  • sometimes the words will come easy. sometimes they won’t. be gentle with yourself. motivation is a faucet that tends to stick. put in time at the keyboard and it will slowly start to flow.
  • if you prefer to write in notebooks, don’t sacrifice it for the expediency of the computer. your writing is better, faster, and more inspired when you step away from the screen.
  • as Julia Cameron says, “remember that it is far harder and more painful to be a blocked artist than it is to do the work”

I’m not like the rest of you. There’s no one left I love.


The ranged minion is a spy
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even the minion doesnt want to be friends with amumu